Your Perfectly Imperfect Guide to Food

A 4-step mindset shift that will help you leave your control & perfection behind & help you simplify food.

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Hey there!

I'm Emily >> a 23-year old entrepreneur living in Boston, MA who overcame her own eating disorder of almost a decade to now help millions of women do the same! I help perfectionists stop trying to perfect their diets and bodies, so they can heal their relationship to food, and rebuild their self-worth story so they can live their fully free life!

Creating an honest and safe environment is my #1 priority for me and my clients. This way, you're able to fully confront your own food struggles, so you can heal the deep pain that brought them about and finally, leave them behind for good! I focus on introspective work, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, & more to help you see food differently and also yourself through a more positive, uplifting lens.

My signature program The Food Freedom Masterclass is rooted in...well... your roots! :)

I take a deep-healing approach to you & your food struggles, identifying where and why you began to struggle with food in the first place & how to heal that initial wound us perfectionists tend to have of 'never feeling good enough.' As a control freak myself, I know what it feels like to then live life BEING controlled by food! My program helps you release the fears and failures you may associate with food or your body, so you can live life loving & supporting your being instead of trying to perfect your diet or body!

I'm passionate about helping over-achievers stop trying to chase validation through weight loss and instead finding their own voice and worthiness just as they are without the perfect body or diet. If you are obsessed with food, food rules, calorie counting, fad diets or more & you find yourself CONSTANTLY on the roller coaster of binge eating, restricting, starting a new diet, 'messing up' your new diet, cutting out foods or food groups >> I am here to make all that mental noise & pain go away for good!

Beyond coaching, I love to run, read, and spend time adventuring with friends and my boyfriend! I am a coffee FANATIC and if you wanna learn more about me, I do love to type and talk:) >> Meet Me!


                                                                                                  Sincerely, XO Emily

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What clients are saying...


"Emily was truly a gift to me! She helped me identify exactly why I had begun to struggle with food and how to accept it and change it! She seriously taught me so much around perfectionism, having an 'all or nothing' mentality when it came to food, and also how to stop trying to 'fix' or 'change' myself or my emotions with changing or fixing my food. She really cares so much about each of her clients and was always so supportive of me and where I was in my own healing journey! Anyone who has ever struggled with food needs to end that war with the help of Emily."

25 || North Carolina


"Coaching with Emily was a super great experience for me! In the early stages of my eating disorder, I tried therapy, a dietician and outpatient treatment, and while those were somewhat helpful, the one on one focus that Emily gave me was much more beneficial. Each week, we would talk about different goals I had for myself or what I really wanted to work on and Emily was able to provide her own insight, clarity support, as well as, techniques, exercises and resources to help me along my recovery. She focused on recovery as being more than just being able to 'manage' your diet, but to instead truly recover, go out of your comfort zone, gain ultimate food and body freedom, and became a new and happier version of myself."

20 || Chicago, IL


"Having Emily as my food freedom coach was experiencing the real deal! She gives a wealth of knowledge about healthy food relationships, positive body image and self-love. She has helped me overcome my own struggle with food by letting go of my control/perfectionism around it! Emily makes each coaching session feel like you're sitting and having 'real talk' with a close friend, because she's no surface level lady! I have grown so much since having her as my coach and am forever grateful for healing my relationship to food through her coaching program."

22 || Boston, MA

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Dear Beautiful,

I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am & excited for you to be here! If you've ever felt alone, misunderstood, or hopeless when it came to you & your food struggles, get ready to change all of that! Welcome your new food freedom because within the pages of my website, I promise to bring you peace, love, and support as you finally end your war with food.

Sincerely, XO Emily

Dear Beautiful,

Now your new chapter will begin here!

Sincerely, XO YOU

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Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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