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Welcome, my loves! I'm Emily! A 23-year old living in Boston, Massachusetts (at least for the time being; I have quite the travel bug). I was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 12. For the following ten years of my life I always had one constant: My struggle with food. Whether it was heavily restricting, binge eating, or counting every calorie on every plate of mine, I was stuck in the unforgiving cycle of battling my food and body. I started this blog and brand after going through my own recovery journey in 2019 and learning that there were so many gaps in the education, experience, and support shared online when it came to eating disorder recovery of any kind! I wanted to showcase my personal story with anyone out there who was fed up with fighting food and it has now become my life's purpose and obsession to help you recover from your food struggles once and for all! If you don't believe it's possible for you... keep reading ;)

Sincerely, XO Emily

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Welcome, my loves!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and before I dive into CHIT CHATTING about me, I want to tell you something about you. I have no degree in counseling, no background in psychology, and definitely no Ph.D. insight because I cry at the very sight of blood, but what I do have is an addiction. I know, sounds scary! I have an addiction to help you end yours and here's why.

I was in the hospital. I was in the therapy chair. I was on my knees begging from whoever was above to please take this painful, terrifying, downright debilitating mental illness away from me, and no one could ever do the job FULLY! We might as well get this out of the way while we are here but I DO encourage you to take your health to a professional first & foremost! Seeing your doctor regularly, speaking to a psychologist or therapist if you feel that you're at that stage of your own journey, always being on top of your nutritional needs and mental health checkups, PLZ do all of that and more! The more... that's where I come in.

I think that the most powerful tool to heal your relationship with food is yourself, you know, the one person you may despise the most some days. The most powerful tool to help you help yourself is, well, you again. Because at the end of the day, whether you suffer from disorderly eating as I did, whether you're an alcoholic like some, addicted to validation like many of us, we all have an underlying problem and it's either:

-not feeling good enough

-not feeling loved

Those are the only two options. Deep down, the reason you struggle with food is either Option 1 or 2 o possibly a combined both! And that's important to note, because both reasons then involve, mainly, YOU!

And how do most heal their relationship to themselves?

By seeing other people do the same. There is SERIOUS power in feeling validated, appreciated, accepted, supported, understood, hopeful, inspired, accountable, and loved.

And quite frankly, I think this is where the missing piece of the puzzle then comes in: You need your doctor. You need your therapist. You also need a best friend.

That's me.

Picture me as your long-lost sista who showed up one Thanksgiving and said, "Oh my gosh! I haven't seen you since you were this tall *holding my hand up to showcase the height of a tiny tree* wow, you have grown!"

That's me:)

And this is you. The soul ready to commit to healing their relationship to food and never struggling another day with their plate or body image as long as we both shall live... I DO!... Woah, Woah! I got really intense their didn't I!?

That's not why you're here nor is it why I am. Maybe you aren't ready to leave your food rules behind, maybe you aren't totally sure this random gal on the Internet knows a dang thing about what it's like to count every calorie every second of every day, maybe you can't imagine your life without constantly being food focused or emotionally eating each night alone in your apartment.

Maybe you aren't even sure why you're here.. you're my favorite then.

Because there's a part of you, however small, that knows you're meant for more. That knows you have a long life to live and you don't want to do so weighing yourself through it all. Maybe you don't know how to get better, but want to know it's possible. That there is hope for us who have battled food for as long as we can remember.

Well, to all of the above and more, you're in the right place. Because I'm not here to change you. I'm not here to praise me. I'm here to show you it's possible, it's not easy, but you don't have to do it alone.

*Knock, knock* I'm home for the holidays, baby, and I think I'll stay awhile! :)


                                                                                         Sincerely, XO Emily

"Be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts."

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Now, maybe you're not a reader...

Hey, NO hard feelings! I read so many books in college that for the entire year after I graduated I swore off reading for good! *Don't worry, we back to reading now!* But, hey, if reading ain't your thing, HONOR YOUR TRUTH, MY LOVE! I have a podcast called @HungryforHealing on Apple and Spotify for you, so don't even sweat it!

I talk about eating disorder recovery,

body image, perfectionism, confidence,

the mindset needed for self-development

to actually stick & MORE! 

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Dear Beautiful,

I know how scary it can be to admit you may not be feeling your best or doing your best or thinking the best about yourself in the present moment. It's okay.

In fact, the only way you can change for good is to become fed up with not being good for good! If you feel like you're sick & tired of battling food if you feel your tired of pretending to be fine when you couldn't be further from it if you've spent your life feeling like you couldn't ask for help or admit you 

Sincerely, XO Em

were battling something mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually... I see you. If you still can't imagine what life can be like without your current pains and fears and worries and woes, I hear you, and I promise to help you AND I want to welcome your authentic self even if she, he, they, or them isn't doing so great right now. I want that person, not the person you keep telling yourself you have to be.

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Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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