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From the girl who never dreamed of loving her body without constantly manipulating it through fad-diets, food struggles, over-exercising, and undernourishing to the happiest version of a girl I have ever been, I want to help you! I want to help you leave your food fears behind you FOR GOOD! My clients are perfectionists ready to stop trying to perfect their bodies & diets! Souls who are exhausted from placing their self-worth on a scale under their feet. My clients gain a deep healing journey with me as their mentor and biggest supporter determined to help you heal your food relationship from within. I coach people who dream of waking up and thinking about what they are going to do with their day rather than what they are allowed to eat and when. My clients want to gain self-love and self-confidence so deeply ingrained that nothing in the world can shake their new sense of self-value. They are determined to do the dirty work when it comes to rewriting their relationship to food.


It doesn't have to be like this forever. It won't be, trust me. 

I created my coaching program because I had seen the therapists, I had been a patient, I had tried medication and still deep within myself, could not heal my relationship to food. I am NOT going to say you shouldn't seek professional care if you feel that's what you need most right now. What I am saying is if you're tired of running an already losing race, if you're tired of fighting the endless battle with yourself and your plate, if you're telling yourself right now for the millionth time that: "Yeah, but this time will be different. I'll diet or restrict or cut out carbs. I won't binge eat. I will lose a bunch of weight and FINALLY love myself. I just know it!" 

I'm telling you the truth.

"Taking the same action over and over again and expecting different results is insanity."

But, I don't think you're insane! I think you're stuck in this cycle of trying to perfect your diet to feel perfect yourself and I think it's not your fault! In fact, I know that it isn't! I think we live in a world that thrives off you hating your body. I think you have been fed a lie most likely since childhood on what you have to do, eat, and look like to be happy or loved. I think you were offered a bargain with a con-artist very young. That if you starved enough, struggled enough, continued this self-hatred cycle ENOUGH then you would eventually feel good enough.

I think it's not fair. I know it's not fair and I know how badly you don't want to play this game with food anymore. I think you feel lost. I think you feel misunderstood. I think you may even feel hopeless.

I think I know all of this about you because I felt the same way.

And finally, I think you deserve to change that. I think you desire to be loved and supported and thriving. I think you deserve to let go of always having to perfect your diet. I think you're ready to live your life.

Sincerely, XO Emily

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How to stop trying to perfect your diet as a perfectionist

Calling all the over-achievers and type A's out there ready to release the control their diets have become over them!

If you're a type A like me >> then you know what it's like to try to perfect & control ABSOLUTELY everything in our lives! I'm talking I used to have different colored pens for different days of the week! And while on the surface, people would tell me how 

  • disciplined

  • organized

  • controlling

  • perfectionistic

  • over-achieving

  • regimented

  • & routined

I was... they didn't know the pain

that fueled all of this!

& I don't blame them!

On the surface, I was the girl who always

had life all together wrapped in a pretty

bow! However, deep down, I could never

'calm down' when it came to my body &

my diet.

I was constantly hyper-aware of my thighs, stomach, how many carbs I had eaten that day! I couldn't fathom simply ordering off the $1 menu at McDonalds or going out for drinks AFTER I had already eaten dinner that night! My Type A personality morphed into be having a Type A PROBLEM when it came to how I viewed food and my body, which led me down the cycle of my food struggles for almost 10 years.

Are you the person who...

Cannot 'calm down' around food >>

Is constantly starting a new fad diet every time she feels bad or sad about herself >>

Struggles with the binge-restrict diet cycle >>

Sees food & her body as something to 'fix' or 'perfect' >>

Is extremely high-achieving & goal-oriented >>

Wants to stop stresses & 'perfecting' her plate >>

If any of this has you nodding your head thinking 'holy heck that's ME!' then keep reading because I am so excited to share this life-changing opportunity with you!

So, you feel STUCK!

You've tried again & again to heal your relationship to food, but let me ask you one important question:

"Have you been able to change your mindset around food first?"

We tend to always ATTACK the actions! "Okay, I want to eat more intuitively, so this week I'm going to eat out at a restaurant and order what I want!"


However, have you ever asked yourself why you struggle with food in the first place? Why you strayed from intuitive eating months or years ago?

When it comes to any form of self-development, growth, challenge, or change... 


So, instead of always attacking food or the scale first, I help you identify where this pain originated in the first place. What caused you to begin to manipulate your diet? What was going on during your life at that time? How have your food struggles become a coping mechanism, distraction, disassociation tool for you and how can we find healthier & more sustainable ways to help you deal with your emotions.

Healing begins with mindset >> check out this video where I share the Top 5 Things I wish I had known in my Eating Disorder Recovery because most of the tips are how I had to change my mindset, perspective, opinion and expectations of myself to finally make this 'time' the final one to stick!

What clients are saying...


"Emily was truly a gift to me! She helped me identify exactly why I had begun to struggle with food and how to accept it and change it! She seriously taught me so much around perfectionism, having an 'all or nothing' mentality when it came to food, and also how to stop trying to 'fix' or 'change' myself or my emotions with changing or fixing my food. She really cares so much about each of her clients and was always so supportive of me and where I was in my own healing journey! Anyone who has ever struggled with food needs to end that war with the help of Emily."

25 || North Carolina


"Coaching with Emily was a super great experience for me! In the early stages of my eating disorder, I tried therapy, a dietician and outpatient treatment, and while those were somewhat helpful, the one on one focus that Emily gave me was much more beneficial. Each week, we would talk about different goals I had for myself or what I really wanted to work on and Emily was able to provide her own insight, clarity support, as well as, techniques, exercises and resources to help me along my recovery. She focused on recovery as being more than just being able to 'manage' your diet, but to instead truly recover, go out of your comfort zone, gain ultimate food and body freedom, and became a new and happier version of myself."

20 || Chicago, IL


"Having Emily as my food freedom coach was experiencing the real deal! She gives a wealth of knowledge about healthy food relationships, positive body image and self-love. She has helped me overcome my own struggle with food by letting go of my control/perfectionism around it! Emily makes each coaching session feel like you're sitting and having 'real talk' with a close friend, because she's no surface level lady! I have grown so much since having her as my coach and am forever grateful for healing my relationship to food through her coaching program."

22 || Boston, MA

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This is how we are going to heal together.

My 3-Month 1:1 Food Coaching Program

was designed to help you:

Identify >> let's backtrack a bit and help you find where, why, & when you really began to struggle with food or what was the place and time that your perfectionism trickled into your body or diet expectations; you didn't always food obsess, food track, constantly weigh your body and meals, so there's a reason this arose and we need to find it

Awareness >> Awareness is KEY to change! You cannot change something that you don't understand! For years, I thought my food struggles were simply because I wanted to be thin. Plain & simple... however, plain and simple it was not! My food struggles came from a deep rooted desire and insecurity to be PERFECT in every area and aspect of my life! It was so much deeper than me just being scared of carbs.

Acceptance >> Self-hatred will never bring about self-love and as perfectionists we tend to be our own worst critic, enemy, 'hater,' and more! I'll help you build up your sense of self-worth, self-certainty, and self-love OUTSIDE of how you eat or what your body looks like! Falling back in love with who you are is only going to help this process along, never has you hating yourself brought about positive acceptance, self-support, or the feeling of safety within, so let's help you help yourself as we heal your past food & body stories.

Action & Change >> Finally, we are going to make some serious changes to how you view, eat, think about, act around food:) No more dieting, emotionally eating, dieting, binging, and starting all over again on Monday! We want to build a balanced, sustainable, and intuitive approach to food, exercise, AND how we treat our bodies. I can guarantee you will leave my coaching with a whole new perspective on food and your body >> far from trying to be always be 'perfect.'

If this sounds like the type of program you're looking for book your free consultation, my love!

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If you've spent your whole life trying to control your food, whose to say it's not in control of you?

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" I just wanted to let you know I am on my way home from my family's vacation and I enjoyed every minute of it because I wasn't obsessed about my food or lack of exercise or anything and was able to eat when I wanted and stop when I felt satisfied & I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much for everything once again! I feel this is finally my free life!"

Clients are saying...

- Allie

Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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