Resources for you, my love!

"The greatest gifts in life are free."

I think the greatest part of my day, week, life is helping you. I am addicted to creating content that makes you smile, that makes you feel understood. I am addicted to self-development and self-improvement. I think the greatest gift we all have is the power to rewrite our own stories of who we are, desire to be, parts of ourselves that we decide to leave behind, and how we choose to care for our new beings. I have created tons of content free for you to do just that! Whether you're struggling with anxiety, body image, food struggles, the fight for perfection, these tools are here to help guide you back home. To a place of loving yourself deeply; to a place of self-compassion; to a place of self-awareness and empowerment, that you don't have to spend one more day running an endless race in the pursuit of happiness.

Check out all my free resources below for you! Ranging from silly, fun breakfast bowls to deep healing work when it comes to your subconscious and identity!

What if all you have ever wanted to be was already within yourself?

Let her run free, my love.

Sincerely, XO Emily


Daily Guide to intuitive eating & living!

Shifting Your Subconscious & Food Struggles

The Misconception of Perfection

Intentional Goal Setting

Holiday Food Fears

Bad Body Image

Combatting the Binge-Restrict Cycle

The Lowdown on Hunger Types

Extra Surprise

Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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