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I started my blog as a personal diary. I had no intention of sharing any of my writings and especially never becoming a 'blogger.' However, the more I wrote, the more I wanted to share. I found myself falling in love with the process of self-growth, self-development, introspective work and more. And each time I sat down at my computer, each time I seriously had no intention to write, each time I had no clue what I even wanted to say... I smiled. I just let my little fingers fly and each time I let go of my perfectionism, the fear of judgement or failure, each time I released my biggest insecurities or deepest thoughts onto a piece of paper or word document... I smiled because I wanted to share it! I wanted people to read it. I wanted other people to experience the life lessons, tough moments, and transformative breakthroughs with me, so I hope you smile while you read my blog, as well, because that's what it started as: a girl with a lot of smiles and the desire to share them!


        XO Emily