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I always thought I was the only one. The only one that hid food in their room. The only one who threw out sandwiches because they had sauce on them. The only one who constantly and consciously counted each almond in my salad, so to be sure I didn't gain weight that night from an extra nut. The only one who stared in the mirror and was so detached from what they saw. The only one who swore on Monday to be PERFECT with my diet and the only one that fell short every Friday as I binged my way through the weekend. The only wanted to suffered in silence and the only one who didn't know how to heal her relationship to food, in fact, the one that didn't even know where to begin.

You are not the only one, my love, not even close to it & the more I've done this work and shared my own story online, the more I've been blessed to work with, connect with, and learn from so many of you out there who felt like the only one, as well. 

You're far from alone if you struggle with food & it's time that we all feel safe and supported to show our authentic selves including the struggles, so we may heal from our own disorderly food stories once and for all! Now, you may not relate to my personal struggle or experience with food and THAT'S OKAY!


It doesn't make either of our battles any less important or more heartbreaking than the other. Your story is valid because it's you, but I wanted to create a space where everyone can find support and acknowledgement for the vast number of ways people can fight with food. Hopefully one of the stories below can touch your heart. Making you never forget that you're never alone and give you a glimmer of hope for what is awaiting you on the other side of the mountain you may be feeling like you're currently facing. 

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& enjoy the brave, inspiring souls down below! I hope they touch your heart the same way that they have touched my own!

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Sincerely, XO  You

Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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