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My Coaching

From being the girl who struggled with anorexia, food fears, emotional binge eating, and constant food focus to a young woman who lives her life no longer dictated by food or measured by numbers on a scale or calorie-counting app, welcome to my coaching program, my loves!

If you're someone who struggles, stresses, over-analyzes and for sure, over values her diet, weight or waistline, then we need to chat!

Let me help you find food freedom and rewrite your relationship between you and your plate! We're going to release the control, confusion, and fear around food. We work through the emotional barriers, restrictions, hidden meanings or uncovered pain that is keeping you in this constant food focused cycle. And ultimately, end the war between yourself, your body and your pantry.

I'll show you how I overcame my own disorderly eating past and continue to enhance my own recovery and learn more about what it truly means to release the fear I carried around food... that and more, I will help you achieve, my love!


Welcome to your new relationship with food!

"When writing the story of your life, don't let someone else hold the pen especially if that someone else is food."

"You deserve a life of food freedom."

My 8-Week 1:1 Food Coaching

My 1:1 Food Coaching Program  is determined to help you rewrite your relationship with food, your body, and ultimately yourself! We, as women, so often use food as a coping mechanism, a control mechanism or a way to validate ourselves when we have lost touch with our own self-worth.

In fact, I know personally, I use to use food as a way to chase perfection. I thought the more perfect my diet was, the more perfect I would look and eventually feel and the more perfect the world would see me, but if my poor food relationship taught me one thing it's this: 

"The more you try to control everything, the less you enjoy anything."

You deserve a joyous life. A life filled with carelessly enjoying birthday cake. A life where you eat, move, and treat your body with love and respect. A life where you detach the belief that your value lies on your plate or that you must control your diet perfectly every waking moment of the day.

From one girl to another, I tried all the control, perfect diet, counting, calories, tracking, weighing and measuring and I can say without a doubt in my mind, it didn't bring me the life I desired. What brought me the life I had always dreamed of was realizing that I am worthy of a life of food freedom and so are you. <3

~My Program Includes~

Weekly 1:1 hour phone chats with me where we dive into the 'why' behind your poor food relationship

Daily Journal Prompts and Affirmations! As well as, additional resources that help you stay committed to your own recovery.

24/7 text support from me alongside bi-weekly phone check ins to see where we can improve along the way as we rewrite your food relationship together!

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