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I realized how many women I was DM'ing, texting, emailing, chatting with on and offline... and how many of them were struggling. Struggling now with food more than ever before. How many women felt stuck and misunderstood, like they had tried a billion and a half times before to end their war with food and food seemed to rule every single time. I’ve learned that now more than ever women need love & food freedom because you cannot have true love for who you are and the life you live without freedom to live it fully!

I learned that women were feeling financially stressed & some couldn’t exactly hire a full-time coach right now even though they wanted to... even though they needed to!


I learned I needed to create an affordable YET LIFE-CHANGING product for these women. I learned that women needed something to hold onto, to learn from, to heal with, someone who “got it” and would guide them through it... so I created my course for you, my girl!

My 6-Week Food Freedom Masterclass!

•20 video tutorials

•Daily Journal Prompts to find more clarity around your unique struggle with food

•28 exclusive resources including worksheets, exercises, affirmations, activities, deep healing practices & more!
•A Recorded Guided Body Meditation by Me!
•A special bonus offer only to women who have gone through my course!

-Topics Covered-
•Food Obsession

•Identity & Self-Worth
•Body Image
•Food Freedom

•Restrictive Eating, Emotional Binges, Yo-Yo Dieting


For $197 you can completely change your life and get six weeks of resources from me! SIX WEEKS! PLUS BONUSES! That’s $32/week for YOUR FOOD FREEDOM! That’s 5 Starbucks drinks a week, for that price....

let’s completely change your life instead!

•You also will have lifetime access to the course, so you can revisit certain modules if need be or always find the exercises & affirmations waiting right there for you!

I poured my heart & soul out into this course for you, my girl. Because I have zero tolerance for women accepting that they will always struggle with food or feeling like they cannot recover no matter how much they try or want to!


To the girl who desires a life of food freedom....This course is for you🤍

Sincerely, XO Emily

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The Food Freedom Masterclass


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Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I decide what's better for me: purchasing your program or applying for your 1:1 coaching? Are there differences? Is one better for certain food struggles over the other?"

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Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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