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If you're interested in any of the below material, please message me, email me or connect with me on my socials and I would love to send you the goodies right away, my love!

Sincerely, XO Emily

'What I Wish I Knew'
~My Free E-Book~

E-Book PDF Format

My self-help e-book is geared toward those who are struggling with anorexia or similar disorderly eating habits and recovery. I'm not a therapist, licensed counselor, or doctor, but I am a girl who suffered for a long time and eventually found the light and I desperately want to bring others to the light, as well.


My 75 page e-book PDF is filled with my story about battling anorexia, tips to guide you through recovery, practical steps to take each day that can ease your struggle, and resources including books, websites, and even journal printouts to help support you through your eating disorder recovery, as well as, lessons to help support a healthy relationship with food and yourself for forever.

'5 Simple Clear Skin Tips'
~Clear Skin PDF Guide~

I am SO excited to share my top 5 hidden skincare tips that have seriously helped me with my own acne struggles and I desperately hope can also help you with yours!

As someone who has struggled with acne almost her whole life, there have been quite a few small lifestyle changes I've implemented over the years that have made a tremendous impact on my skin and overall health and some you may never have even thought of them!


I cannot wait to see your glowing face shine even brighter than it already does now, which let's face it, seems pretty impossible to me:) 

'My 5 Best Breakfast Bowls'
~Breakfast Bowl Recipes~

From my breakfast bowl to yours!<3

I've always been a HUGE Breakfast Gal! Coffee, eggs, oatmeal you name it! So, I decided to share with you my Top 5 Breakfast Bowls that will kick start that smile and keep you going all morning as you change the world, my loves!

I know for myself, breakfast is easily the most important meal of the day! It really sets my intention, allows me to jumpstart that body and gut of mine, and it can really be a fun experimental meal, which is exactly what my guide is filled with: some fun new bowls for you to try and make all your own!