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My Book: Gaining a Life-The Untold Story of my Eating Disorder & Recovery (on Amazon)

My eating disorder began when I was only 12 years old. For over a decade, I struggled with my food, body, self-confidence, or better yet, lack thereof! As a girl who finally rewrote her self-love story and escaped the chains of her own eating disorder, I want to share with you my journey, my ups and downs, tips and tricks, and unwavering love and support for you and your recovery to help you gain a life of food freedom!As an eating disorder survivor, blogger, online coach, and influencer, I've learned a thing or two about eating disorder recovery, but I think the ultimate testament to my tale is that I'm just like you. I lived it. I fought it. I cried my way through it and nearly signed my life away to it, but I never stopped fighting for my recovery and you won't either. I promise you that. Take my hand and let's gain a life together.

'To The Girl' E-Book: Love Letters to the Girl who needs them on Amazon!

Allow me to shout it once more for the people in the back, "I am so excited to announce that my e-book is finally live on Amazon and Amazon Kindle!" 


'To The Girl' is a compilation of love letters to the girl struggling to love herself. I wrote this book to the girl who is struggling to love herself, care for herself, see her true beauty, value and more. The book consists of over 30 love letters written by me and some of them for me, or for the girl I used to be!

I hope that you adore it. I hope it touches your heart, soul, footsies and more! I hope it brings you some peace and love when you need it most. 

To the girl who is about to read this book, I hope you're ready to never feel alone or unworthy ever again.