• Emily Formea

Complimenting Myself

Ok… trust me. I know how weird this may sound. When I first came up with the idea of this challenge, I was not sure if I could really follow through with it. I mean, come on, verbally complimenting myself every morning for a week straight while I stared directly into my own eyes in my bathroom mirror seemed pretty extreme. I was worried my boyfriend/roomie would think I had lost my marbles or seriously needed to make more friends. But, I was curious. I preached about self-love and acceptance and growth almost on the daily. Heck, I made a blog surrounding just that! :) But I had never really tried to love myself out loud.

So, that is exactly what I did my loves. I loved myself out loud for an entire week.


This is stupid. I messed up. I climbed out of bed and entered the bathroom. Do I turn on the light? Maybe I can do this whole loving myself thing in the dark? Nope. Flip on the light. I turned on the light and there she was. My 5’6’’ frame in an oversized t-shirt, underwear, hair half in a messy bun on the very top of my head and half falling down like a waterfall of knots. Beautiful. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, stretched a bit, and then squared my shoulders to stare at myself right in the mirror.


“Fancy seeing you here.” (No, I don’t think that’s a compliment)

Why was it so hard to love me out loud? Or why was it so weird to cheer myself on verbally?

“You are absolutely gorgeous.” (Okay, making progress)

“You are kind, intelligent, strong, and special. You are perfect. Right here and right now. You are exactly the person you should be. You are enough.” (Woah, that was kinda weird, but alright)

I then went on my merry way. Making breakfast, doing my morning yoga, journaling, and finally heading out the door just in time to catch the Metro for work, not even thinking about my morning verbal love session from that morning.


Same old, same old… except for this time… I only cringed for 5 seconds and not 10.

I woke up, walked straight to the bathroom, before my mind could realize what my body was doing, and then I smiled right into the mirror and said, “Go get ‘em champ.” No, that did not count as body positive talk to myself. “You are a wonderful soul (interesting word choice) and you are going to make an incredible impact today and every day.” Then, I left.


Ok, today was when it started to get really interesting.

I didn’t feel so uncomfortable anymore. I was kind of… enjoying it. I looked forward to being kind to myself, which sounds weird, but shouldn’t we always feel and act that way?

I told myself, “You are so beautiful but on the inside. Your inner beauty makes you more beautiful on the outside. You are more than your insecurities and you are more than what this world tells you-you are or should be. You are you and you are perfect.”

I cried.

I actually stood in the bathroom for about 3 minutes and cried. Happy cries. I was so happy for and about me.

I noticed that with each day that passed, I felt calmer. I felt more content with myself and the situations around me. I felt more at ease knowing that I was on my side and I was happy with myself, therefore, no one could shake me and no one could take that away from me.


Today was very similar to yesterday. I was just so smiley and proud of myself. I didn’t see being my own best friend as a negative anymore. I didn’t feel so awkward about supporting myself and being my own team cheerleader if I didn’t, who was going to?

I told myself, “Your insecurities and fears are a reflection of others around you, and not how you have to feel about yourself. You do not have to hate anything about yourself even if the world says you should. I love myself. I am happy with myself. Right here and right now.”


The week of being my own head cheerleader had ended. I woke up, told myself I was “an absolute bombshell in this universe and no one can or will make me feel different,” grabbed my coffee, and ran off to work. But then, something interesting happened. I gave myself pep-talks throughout the day. My entire day was busy, stressful, a whirlwind of emotions, but every time I felt negative talk entering my mind, I shut that down. I spoke kindly to myself. I thought kindly about myself. I believed in myself. Because who else was going to? And what good would come out of me beating myself down? None.

My Takeaways

1. It should not be weird to love yourself and talk positively and kindly to yourself

2. Your mind is so much more powerful than you realize, but you are the only one that can harness that power and use it to your advantage

3. Give it a try; give it a blind leap of faith. If there is one major lesson I learned, it was that I should have been my own best friend years ago. I should have always treated myself with love. I should have always been kind to myself. I should have always cared for myself especially beginning with my thoughts and words towards myself. I deserved better than the way I thought about myself for all my years. And I know for a fact, that I will continue this practice and no longer call it a challenge, but rather a habit that I should have had my entire life.



Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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