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Homemade Guide to the Best Self-Love Sunday

Hello, my oh so beautiful souls:) It’s about to be that time of the week,

the best time of the week,

the time we all wait for… Self-Care Sunday! Self-Care is vital to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life!

I’ve preached it time and time again here on my blog that if you don’t have a good relationship and foundation with yourself, you cannot expect to thrive in the other areas of your life.

Self-Care Sunday was sort of something I started on a whim. I really didn’t think it would make that much of a difference in my day or especially in my week, but wow was I wrong! I’ve now made it a habit that every Sunday, whether I’m bored out of mind or busy like a bee, to take the morning and spend a couple of hours with no social media, no stress, and no worries. It helps me reset my intentions for the week; it helps me focus on some self-love practices and healing, and it also helps me slow my mind and body down even if only for a couple of hours, which helps me realize the importance of taking care of myself first before taking care of everyone and everything else!

I’ve put together my full-proof guide to ensure you also get to enjoy the best Self-Care Sunday your body and mind need to keep you going through your crazy, busy week while sticking to a budget, of course!

#1. Fuel Properly

Let’s face it. Throughout the week it can get really hectic. I tend to eat out more, maybe have a couple more drinks than I was planning to have at happy hour with the coworkers, and I’ve also been known to snack quite a lot at work especially when it’s bagel and muffin Fridays. Now, all of this is wonderful! You should go out and enjoy life, enjoy food, and enjoy the company it brings! However, I like to take my Sundays to reset my gut and my diet. I do NOT believe in fasting or detoxing. But, I do like to take Sunday and focus on eating more vegetables, fruits, maybe cut back on the salt and sugar, etc. Just little changes that allow my body to get a boost of nutrients before the busy week ahead! This is where my foolproof smoothie comes into play! I have been making this smoothie for weeks now (definitely more times than just Sunday mornings), however, it has become a routine of mine to wake up bright and early on my Sunday, do a light workout of sorts, and then fuel that booty I am trying to build with this amazing recipe!

I’m really not someone that uses a lot of powders or mixes, but I cannot express to you how much I love this one! It’s the Marine Collagen Powder mix from Girl & The Sea and let me tell you something… this baby works!

I’ve always struggled with my skin. I’ve had acne, dry patches, etc., but ever since I incorporated 3-4 scoops of this into my diet each week, I have noticed a MASSIVE improvement in my skin! Not to mention, collagen is so, so important for your hair, nails, and even joints! It’s not found in many foods. It can mostly be found in animal bone broths, which if you’re like me, you ain’t getting much of!

I highly recommend trying The Girl & The Sea Marine Collagen Powder out! I’ve linked it here and please feel free to use my discount code: https://girlandthesea.refersion.com/c/9ded2f.

My code is SINCERELYEMILY and it will get you 10% off your order! Plus the jar lasts forever! It’s definitely worth the investment to see if it can improve your own skin, hair, nails, etc., but also is a key ingredient in my Self-Love Sunday smoothie recipe I’m so excited to be sharing with you!

Self-Love Sunday Smoothie:


-1.5 cups of unsweetened almond milk

-1 scoop of Marine Collagen from Girl & The Sea

-1 cup of frozen berries

-1 frozen banana

-A handful of frozen chopped kale

-A tiny sliver of ginger root

-2 tablespoons of flaxseed

**Water if you would like it thinner or ice if you would like it thicker:)

Blend this baby up and enjoy the most nutrient dense, skin-healing, boss gal or guy fueling smoothie ever! The ginger is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, the berries are huge antioxidant contributors, and the flaxseed, greens, and fruit are all great vitamin-sources! Plus it keeps me full for HOURS! Little helpful tip, I also love adding some Kombucha or Apple Cider Vinegar for gut health to my smoothies and when I empty the bottle, I refill it with smoothies for on-the-go! Such a great way to transport your smoothie fuel and reuse a glass bottle for a while!

#2 Homemade Face Scrub

While we are on the topic of skin, I have a hack for you, your wallet, and your face! I know it has become a huge thing in the beauty community to really focus on exfoliating. Exfoliating your face especially is super important if you struggle with acne like myself! It helps get rid of the dead skin cells, which can hold onto a lot of oil and grime and clog your pores even more! Now, depending on your skin sensitivity, be careful with how often you exfoliate your face! I have pretty rough and resilient skin, so I like to exfoliate every night as a part of my bedtime routine. You should always exfoliate first with hot water. Then, wash and moisturize your face as usual!

However, here is my hack for you… exfoliating products can be super expensive and jam-packed with weird chemicals, dyes, and other things that your skin does not want nor need!

So, I have been making my own and now you can too!:)


--Find an old jar, container, or bottle you would like to reuse for your sugar scrub

--You will need sugar, essential oil of your choice, and natural dish soap.

--Mix the sugar with the dish soap in the jar until you create a chunky almost rough texture. The sugar should begin to clump together and that's the scrub-like texture you want!

*I use Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap products and use the same brand for my face scrub! They are all natural, so I know I am not throwing a bunch of chemicals into my facial scrub jar!

--You will need much more sugar to soap ratio!

--The last step is adding your essential oils in! I love using lavender for my own personal scrub, but mint would also be a great one to incorporate!

Boom! You have a homemade face scrub that costs a fraction of what a store brand one would cost and you don’t have to continuously waste those plastic bottles they are usually sold in!

This also makes for an amazing hand, feet, or even full-body scrub and can be a wonderful addition to any gift set you may be getting your mom for Mother’s Day or a friend’s birthday gift basket!

#3. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is also sort of a new found health craze in the wellness community. I remember reading about it somewhere or seeing it on a health YouTube channel that I followed and thinking how silly the idea was! For people who don’t know, because trust me I didn’t at first, oil pulling is where you take about a tablespoon of an oil of your choice, usually, coconut or olive oil are used, you swish around the oil in your mouth for about 15-25 minutes and you do NOT swallow it. Once your timer goes off, you spit out the oil into a trash can. *not the drain like I’ve done before because the oil will re-harden and clog your sink really easily* Oil pulling is supposed to help with teeth whitening, gum sensitivity, and overall the removal of toxins from your mouth and teeth. It’s marketed to promote oral hygiene, but at first, I was skeptical.

The first time I did oil pulling it was an utter disaster! I hated how it felt in my mouth. I was so scared I was going to swallow it all. I was just uncomfortable and really didn’t see the positive effects it could possibly have! But then, I started to notice a huge improvement in my gums! If you’re an anxious person like me, you may also have the bad habit of biting the inside of your inner, lower lip. I do it all the time! And even though I’ve tried to stop in the past, I’m not fully over the habit! Oil pulling helped whiten my teeth and drastically improve my gum health, which even my dentist later confirmed when I went in for a check-up!

Another Self-Care Sunday hack? Try oil pulling. You’re supposed to do it before you eat or drink anything, which makes finding time during the week tricky! I love to take the weekend and especially Sunday to oil pull (I use coconut oil) as the start to my Self-Care Sunday routine! Your bright, white teeth and gums will thank you big time in the long run!

#4. Clean Your Space

You know what they say, “A tidy space leads to a tidy mind,” and don’t we all want that!?

Resetting your space and preparing it for your busy week is actually a self-love practice of mine. Why? Because when you're stressed out, it’s very easy to not take care of your mental and/or physical wellbeing.

I like to take Sunday and do my laundry, clean my room, take out my trash, even update and organize my desk/calendar for the week. It helps bring me peace of mind and in turn, allows me to actually enjoy my Self-Care Sunday rather than spending the entire day stressing and wracking my brain of all the things I need to remember, do, etc.

Start with a brain dump. Right down everything that’s on your mind whether it’s immediate or not! I actually do this all the time and it helps me when having really anxious days! If you write it down you won’t forget and when you are able to then rid that stress from your mind, you can focus on other things. This is a HUGE tip for worriers like myself! Brain dump and then relax. Really try to focus on your Self-Care Sunday and that starts from with your intention, mind, and thoughts way before it will ever manifest to your facial, stretching, or smoothie indulging!

#5. Facials, Hot Showers, and Yoga Mat Practice, Oh My!

The final hack I have for the ultimate self-care Sunday is to just take care of yourself! Pretty self-explanatory right? ;) But, wrong! How often do we put our own care and health on the backburner of other people or other responsibilities? What I love doing on self-care Sunday is just doing me. Whatever makes me feel good and look my best! Pamper away, boys and girls! If it’s doing a facial, shaving, waxing, maintaining your eyebrows, or going deeper, if it’s doing yoga, spending time with family, or going for a walk out in the sunshine. Take at least an hour to do you! Whatever makes you feel calm, cool, and collected is all that matters!

Maybe read a good book for a bit or even bake that banana bread recipe you’ve been dying to try! I always pick something offline and off my devices. I love to spend my Sundays doing yoga, cleaning my space, facials are always welcome, and hot showers wrap up my self-care routine. This is your time to unwind, so there is no right or wrong way to do it! Find what you love and what usually takes the backseat during your week and do that!

I promise it will bring so much joy and calm into your day and week when you take a bit of time to disconnect from your device and reconnect with yourself.

Those are my top homemade hacks to the perfect Self-Care Sunday! Let me hear your fun and creative ideas to make the ultimate at-home and budget-friendly Self-Love Sunday kit, and always remember you must take care of yourself first before you can take care of others or other things!:) Sincerely,


Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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