• Emily Formea

How to Manifest Money

Ask yourself this, “Why do I fear money?”

Is it a bad past with financial struggles?

Is it the current reality of being nervous about the monthly budget?

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a hefty load of debt or continue to pile on bills unexpectedly recently.

Whatever it may be, hear me out…

“If you constantly stress about money, money will constantly stress you out.”

I know what it feels like to frantically await your next paycheck only to have it disappear a couple of hours later. To pay the bills, this expense and that, and before you know it, you are awaiting the next check again.

I rarely spend money. I fear to spend it, which is something we will touch on.

I don’t ever believe in investing in myself, in products, experiences, my health, etc.

For example, I’m very, VERY guilty of buying the cheapest thing on the menu even if it’s not what I want to eat.

Or checking my bank statement every hour on the hour. I stress about how much money I will have saved by the end of the month, next month, next year. How am I ever supposed to afford a house with my current income?

These are things that I think about a lot and things I know we all do and…. Things that help no one especially you and your relationship with money.

How did I learn to manifest more of it? By giving it less of my attention and less of my precious energy.

“If you put all your energy into fearing money, money will guarantee you a reason to fear it.”

Now, this all sounds very hippie-dippie. It sort of it;) However, that doesn’t make it any less true or applicable. I want to share with you some tips that have helped me fear money less and in turn find more of it in my bank account each month.

Guide to Manifesting that Money, baby!

Step #1: What Are You So Scared Of?

What is it about money that scares you? Why? Have these conversations with yourself. Face that fear. The only way to welcome change is to welcome vulnerability and chaos. Be honest with yourself.

For me, I fear money because I don’t like being a burden on people or asking others for help. Therefore, I fear that if I am ever in a position where I really need money, I fear I will be alone. I won’t be able to ask for help. Money for me is security and for a lot of people, they view it the same way also! I fear to be vulnerable, so I save every dime I can.

Now, I want to make clear, saving is FANTASTIC! Planning, investing, and being smart about your financial future is incredible and a very necessary tool to gain as a young adult. However, there is a difference between being financially savvy and realistic and FEARING money. Stressing over it constantly, worrying and feeling weary even talking about it. That’s not healthy.

Money is not a bad thing. That is the second part of Step 1. Figure out why you fear money and then tell yourself money should not be feared.

For example, I always worried that if I wanted to make a lot of money that made me greedy.


You are allowed to want to have a lot of money. That does not make you greedy. That makes you driven. Ask yourself why you want it and start to instead of fear it; welcome it into your space.

You cannot fear something you desire. I used to fear to get healthy when I was struggling with my eating. That’s very backward ya see? I wanted to recover, but I feared recovery. And I get why! Change is scary like I said, but that’s so unproductive and backward.

Do not fear money. Figure out where that fear comes from. Instead, begin to truly believe and tell yourself that you deserve money. That money will come. That wanting money is not bad. And you want money.

Manifestation is the most powerful tool this Universe sometimes keeps hidden to us.

I wanted to recover, but I feared recovery. That made the path much longer, harsher, and to be honest sometimes almost unbearable. Instead of welcoming recovery into my heart and home fully. Believing in it. Shutting that voice up when it sent doubts to me like: this is stupid, it will never work, you don’t deserve this.

I repeat, False.

You will make more money.

You will pay off your debt.

I am not scared of money and I want more of it.

I do not stress over money.

You will put that down payment down.

You will experience an increase in money.

Then, silence.

Shut your judging and questioning mind up.

And repeat.

Step #2: Exit the App

Whatever you focus your energy on, whatever end of the spectrum your mind and heart are at, is exactly what will happen.

If you believe you’ll never make enough money; you’ll always be barely making ends meet paycheck to paycheck; finances will always be a source of pain and stress for you and/or your family.

Then, it will be.

And once again, I know this sounds like mumbo jumbo, so let me give an example.

I used to check my bank statement every hour on the hour. I have multiple accounts and different banks. I have a Discover Card, so I have the app for that, as well. And I kid you not, I used to check my finances every single day. As if someone else could have spent my money. As if I didn’t know the amount in them. As if I kept checking it would change between 9 AM and 9 PM when I was the only one with the cards and ability to do so.

And you know what happened…. It did.

Like our weight, our finances fluctuate. Ya know the worse thing to do when you are trying to lose or gain weight, constantly checking the scale. Because it changes. Our weight naturally fluctuates and it is MADDENING if you fall into the whole of jumping on and off that scale before, during, and after every meal, workout, etc.

Stop checking your bank balance all the time. Stop putting all your energy into the worry of the page loading.

Believe in what you have. Believe in your finances. Trust yourself and stop running the numbers.

When I checked every day, I found that I was losing money left and right. Now, it doesn’t just float on the window. But, I would have random expenses pop up. I would have moments when I bought an expensive Uber and they canceled on me, so I had to re-order one. I lost my credit card at one point and someone racked up a hefty bill before I could cancel that.

Heck, this was even during the time when my car got towed and that cost a pretty penny.

Stop having a fearful and anxious relationship with money. Check your bank statement only on Sunday. Make your weekly budget and stick to it, but stop running and re-running and thinking of saving this penny and that penny. Have confidence in yourself and your wallet.

Negative energy-focused brings about negative outcomes.

And guess what, I’m glad because the opposite is also true.

Step #3: Karma is a Strong Bitch, use her to your Advantage.

I am a HUGE believer in ‘what goes around comes around.’

If you live your life full of greed. You never buy your friends drinks, you never give a dollar to the homeless man outside, you constantly make others ‘cover’ you, you will have a rough time bringing money into your purse.

You have to give to receive. With love, support, friendships, work, family, everything is a two-way street and money is no exception.

Building off Step 2, once you don’t fear money anymore you have to spend it.

Scary right!?

And it can be! I remember making a rule that every Friday I would give this nice homeless man outside of my work $5. This is embarrassing, however, I also remember thinking, “Wait a minute, that’s $20 a month. That’s my utilities bill for gas. I could and should save that.”

For what? It’s not like I couldn’t find another $20 to pay my gas bill. No. That was a cover-up lie. I was terrified to let money go because I didn’t believe it would come back.

It will come back.

Spend a little. Splurge a little.


Have confidence and faith and manifest it to come back.

The more I gave, nothing crazy, but the more often I said, “This is on me,” or when I continued giving the man $5 every Friday, the more my bank account….grew.

I started to get random discounts on products. I found ways to save money day-to-day without stressing or even searching for it. I found a $20 TWICE outside on the pavement. I began to make money off my online wellness coaching. I gained clientele. More people reached out to me and asked me to babysit. I got an increase in my pay at work for our middle year bonus.

It was crazy and I almost wish I was making this up because it sounds insane.

But insane doesn’t mean applicable, remember?;)

Spend some money.

Then, move on.

It’s just money. And guess what? More is coming, baby, so ya gotta make room.

And believe that.

#4: You are the Most Important Investment you could ever make.

The final step is something my clients, my friends, and you guessed it… I struggle with a LOT!

You are a worthy investment.

If you need therapy. If you want to eat and fuel your body only with organic. If you find yourself in going to yoga classes. If you drink a green smoothie every day and it makes you feel amazing. If you have wanted to try a new hobby or felt AMAZING in that dress at the store, but put it back on the rack.

Go buy that dress.

You are the greatest investment you could ever make. Into your health, wellness, emotional, spiritual, and physical being. Putting money into getting your nails done if having them look nice makes you feel nice, girl, then book that appointment by-weekly.

We fear money and we FOR SURE fear investing it into ourselves and what did I say when you fear something, you create a bad relationship with it. You cannot fear something you thrive and vibe with.

  • Don’t fear money.

  • Don’t fear to spend it on yourself.

  • Don’t fear yourself.

  • The money will come.

  • You must believe that.

Otherwise, this entire blog was a waste.

Believe in it.

Namaste, my sweet souls.


xo Emily

Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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