• Emily Formea

Little Things Matter Most

I always thought I needed to change the world.

I always believed I was nothing if not an absolute failure if by the age of 17 I didn’t own my own company, make at least 6 digits a year, fly around the world, present motivational speeches in far-away countries, and also somehow maintain a fitness Instagram worthy physique.

That sounds maddening, right?

You cannot change the world.

You cannot be perfect.

And you don’t have to be.

How do I choose my own friends? How do I choose the people I admire?

Does it matter to me if they have millions of dollars? No.

Does it matter to me if they are big shots in this industry or if they started their own technology company when they were 12? Nope.

With this rant, I am not trying to say you should not admire people for their feats. I think it is incredibly important to look up to others especially those who positively impact lives or who do similar things we aspire to one day do, as well.

But, what we shouldn’t do, is downplay our important role in society and in everyday life.

You cannot change the world.

You don’t have to change the world.

However, that does not make you any less valuable, worthy, or important in the world.

When I think of some of the greatest people I have ever known they all have one thing in common, they simply love.

That is what I admire most about them.

They are kind and caring people.

They have dreams, goals, hobbies, and desires.

They are interesting.

They are never judgmental.

They are never cruel.

They value others regardless of their flaws.

They are real people.

I don’t search for friends who have a yacht.

I don’t find myself praying one day that I will fall in love with a billionaire.

I don’t hold others to the standards I hold myself too.

And why is that?

Why do I feel I am nothing if I don’t accomplish everything?

Why do I disregard the small differences I make in the world every day?

Why do you disregard the small differences you make in the world every day?

Why do I not try to make more of these small differences?

We live in a world where big is everything.

Everything is extravagant.

Everything is shiny and expensive.

Everything is possible, so if we don’t do everything, we fail at it all.

We need to remember what is important.

Being a good friend is important.

Listening before speaking is important.

Giving back to others.

Volunteering our time.

Being forgiving.

Being more understanding and accepting.

Going out of your way occasionally.

Not letting negativity affect your positivity.

What matters is not that we change the world on a global, all-encompassing, massively overwhelming scale… what matters is that we change our world right here and right now.

I have found myself over the last couple years only having big eyes and big dreams and while all of that is AMAZING and you should follow your wildest, craziest, largest aspirations every day, it is very easy to get lost in the shininess.

It was easy for me to forget to live my daily life in a meaningful way when I was trying to accomplish my dream life without fail.

It was easy for me to not volunteer my time.

It was easy for me to not say hello to the cashier woman and ask her how her day was going.

It was easy for me to get angry or upset with my family or friends.

It was easy for me to lose my cool in road rage.

It was easy for me to think that little things were little.

Because I felt like none of this ‘little stuff’ mattered.

Well, I have come to realize, little stuff matters… it matters a lot.

And the more I tried to convince myself that I was not accomplishing anything worthy in this world unless I was on TV on a mission trip in a third world country, the more I truly accomplished nothing positive in this world.

Little stuff is all that matters in reality because it is the only sure thing we have control over right here and right now.

How you make others feel.

How you make others smile.

How you can help, educate, support, mold, inspire, and befriend others matters a lot.

I needed to learn to stop living my life in a way where I devalued what mattered most.

Of course, I can still dream and shoot for the stars and you best believe I am going too and that you should come along with me and do so, as well!

But, I also now realize and respect the little things.

I don’t take my ‘daily, boring’ life for granted.

Because your ‘daily, boring’ life is where you can make the biggest positive impact right now and by disregarding that blessing, you are disregarding your true potential to ‘change the world’ like we all so desperately want to do.

I challenge each of us, myself included, for the rest of this busy, hectic work week to really focus on the little things.

Maybe give money to the homeless man you see on your morning commute every day or call that friend of yours who you have been neglecting for some time now. Do the things that on the surface seem obsolete, but on a deeper level, mean everything. Wake up, put your pants on one leg at a time, and go and change the world just as you are, exactly where you are, through the littlest acts of kindness and love because big changes start with small seeds.



Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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