• Emily Formea

Manifest Your Own Happiness

I want to start out by making something very clear, “I am by no means happy all of the time.” Not at all! I have plenty of days when the very thought of smiling is impossible or the idea of ‘putting a positive spin on it’ makes me furious beyond belief. We are all human. We all have emotions. We all have on and off days. However, I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my overall happiness, well-being, health, and outlook on myself and my life over the past year by following a few helpful tips I would love to share with all of you!

When it comes to your own happiness journey it is essential to realize that having off days is normal, but allowing one off day to carry over into your entire week, month, or unfortunately, like some people, their entire lives, is where serious changes can and should be made. You must also acknowledge that you are the only one in total control. You are the only one who can make your life the way you want it to be and if you want your life to be a happy one, sit back and relax, because these are ways that have seriously helped me!

“Happiness is letting go of what you believe your life should look like.”

Happy people do not live perfect lives. That was the first lesson I had to learn when I really started to take accountability for my life, feelings, relationships, etc. I lived in a ‘woe is me state’ where I dug myself deeper and deeper into a pity party hole. I would see people online or walking the streets and think, “They have it so easy. They must never struggle. They must never, blah, blah, blah. I wish my life looked like that.” People are people. People have struggles. No one is perfect, so the idea that a perfect life is out of your reach is detrimental because you cannot ever achieve such a thing. Happy people simply work on their happiness and mindset every single day in their everyday situations. That is what brings them joyful Monday mornings when others feel down or endless smiles when they are stressed on a Friday afternoon.

Do not wish your life to be like others. Do not wish your life to be different than it is right now. Don’t envy ‘perfect people.’ The only difference between the people you dream of being online or in person and who you are right now is your participation. They achieved their dreams just as you can by hard work, self-care, motivation, and their own manifestation. You are in charge of your own happiness. To achieve such a thing will take your endless dedication and belief, but all of that power lies within yourself. Stop thinking you will be happy once this happens or once you make this amount of money, you won’t be. You must let go of what you believe your life must look like; you must let go of envying the lives of others and start to really support your own life and your own mindset.

“What you think about all day is what you will end up manifesting.”

Your mind is insanely strong, almost to a scary degree. What you spend your days thinking about is exactly what will manifest itself in your day-to-day life. This is not new news either, however, very powerful news! In the healthcare field, doctors and nurses have seen it time and time again: the power of your mind. If you believe you are too sick to ever recover, you are. If you believe you are going to beat this disease or at least work your booty off trying, you are. There is a powerful quote that says this perfectly.

“Whether you believe you can or cannot, you are right.”

If you want to be happy, if you are willing to work on being a more positive person, then you will be. The power is all in your mind and your attitude. I decided to start a Gratitude Journal about two months ago. I felt like I was not giving enough thanks for the good things in my life and instead focusing way too much energy on the ‘bad.’ It has SERIOUSLY changed my perspective. It takes not even two minutes, but every single morning on my commute to work, I take a second to be grateful. I write down what I am thankful for that day. It’s crazy to me how powerful it has been to take a few minutes of gratitude, but watch it shift my entire day around. I start my day off being grateful. That then makes me more grateful throughout my day because I set my mind and intention to do so.

What you spend your time thinking is what you will ultimately spend your time believing. If you wake up and spend your entire morning thinking about bills. You are so stressed about money. You are budgeting in your head all day long, you end up manifesting a poor relationship with money. You begin to envy it and possibly despise it. You stress and fret, but none of that stressing or fretting helps your situation whatsoever. You end up having more money trouble and believing you will never change. You can change. You have to change your mind. Begin with positive affirmations in the morning regarding your financial situation. It sounds silly, but is it? Try having a positive outlook on your financial future. Spend your day telling yourself that you’re safe, your family is well, and that the money situation will work out. You will be amazed. You have to change your mind to change your life. If you think it sounds too simple, it isn’t? A lot of people give up; stressing is surprisingly much easier than believing, but do not fall into this trap. Keep up the positive mind to see the positive waves in your life.

“Self-care is the main essential to manifesting anything in your life.”

If you do not love yourself, you cannot love others. You must nourish to flourish. Everything good in your life must start from the good within yourself. True happiness starts with acceptance. It begins with you loving you. It begins with you taking care of you. Self-care is the building block to everything else you want to achieve in your wildest dreams. If you are neglecting your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual health… you are neglecting you and your chance for happiness.

All you need is love for yourself, others, and the world around you.

I have made it a top priority to evaluate the self-care I give myself. I rest when I feel I need rest. I try to talk to my family and friends when I am feeling stressed. I ask for help when I need help because I know I cannot help anyone else, I cannot do anything that I so desperately want to achieve, if I am not well.

Make Sundays your reset days or promise yourself to do a facial once a week. Pick something that is easily doable in your schedule and that thoroughly brings you joy and make sure you do it! I try to do little acts of self-care every single day. These can be anywhere from taking a hot shower to cooking myself a healthy, wholesome dinner. Just do something that brings your mind and soul some peace. We live in a very busy world where the emphasis is on the outside. We want the shiniest cars, the biggest bank accounts, the smallest waistlines, but we fail to remember that true happiness cannot be found in materialistic goods.

Materials go away, the person you are and the love you show yourself does not. The only person you cannot escape from is yourself, so be sure that your relationship with you is the strongest one you have.

Happiness comes when you respect and honor yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt. You are kind to yourself. You are caring towards yourself. People who are happy are happy to be themselves.

So be happy to be you and treat yourself like you would treat someone you really love because you should love yourself, you must love yourself, tell yourself, “I do love myself.”

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you ultimately become what you believe.”

This was the hardest for me. Easily the hardest because I was terrified of putting my dreams out there because I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed and worried. Embarrassed that people would think my dreams were stupid or worried that if I put my goals out for the world to see and I didn’t achieve them, I would be a failure. News flash, you cannot accomplish your dreams if you don’t establish them.

I love blogging. It brings me more happiness than any other job or hobby I have ever had in my entire life. It makes me happy. So, it doesn’t matter if others think it is silly or if I fear it will never become more than it is now, I enjoy it, so I am going to do it and I am going to believe in it. I want to achieve great things in my life. I want to help people. I want to heal people. I want to create this life for myself, so I better start believing, acting, talking, and walking like I will do just that. If you sell yourself short, how do you expect others to believe in your dreams whatsoever?

Dream big. Dream boldly! Really envision the life you want to have filled with happiness, self-confidence, accomplishments, and dreams because ultimately your reality is created from your mindset. If you have always wanted to be a dancer, don’t pretend like you have any other calling. If you have dreampt of the day you publish your first novel, get to writing and get to signing. If you want to do great things, you must think of great things. If you want to be happy, you must believe in your happiness, which includes what you desire to accomplish along your journey through this crazy thing we call life.

“You have to participate endlessly in the manifestation of your own happiness.”

Anything worth fighting for is just that… a fight.

You have to realize you will slip up, you will fall down, you will sulk, and you will cry. Life is a expedition of twists and turns and believing in yourself, growing from your mistakes, experiencing ups and downs is all part of the process. You have to constantly put yourself in check; constantly stay positive; constantly remind yourself how incredible the life you live is and what you want to do with it! With practice comes power. Keep pushing. Keep rewiring your thought processes; continue to enhance your positive outlook on life. Keep remembering the glass is always half full.

I promise you, you will find happiness this way.

You will find happiness by accepting your flaws, greatest attributes and life as the perfect package that is you. You will find happiness by choosing to be joyful right here and right now. You will find happiness when you accept and support your own dreams. You will find happiness when you stop comparing and start celebrating. You will find happiness through daily gratitude and self-care; through ‘smelling the roses’ and enjoying the sunshine.

You will find happiness if you want to find happiness. Only you can guide the way.

But, you must be diligent.

There is PLENTY of darkness that will work hard to outshine your incredible light.

Don’t let it.



Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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