• Emily Formea

My Week Dedicated to Self-Care

I was recently inspired by all of the wellness coaches I follow on social media to take a step back and focus on my own wellness for a week. If you didn’t know, I recently started my own online wellness coaching business *shameless plug haha* not really! It’s more for the point of the story;)

I think it’s very important to recognize our own limitations. I’m an EXTREMELY empathetic person, therefore, it’s very easy for me to be emotional, supportive, caring to anyone I may even run into on the street! (I desperately hope this does not come across as being conceited!) I love that about myself, but with that comes the responsibility and sometimes burden of recharging.

“You cannot constantly be taking of others and forget to take care of yourself.”

Recently, I’ve found myself very busy with my online platform, my clients, my friends, family, job, etc., and then at the end of each day way too exhausted to give a rat’s booty about my own wellness especially considering some nights I can’t even talk myself into brushing my teeth before falling asleep!

And here, my sweet loves is where my challenge began.

I wanted to find a new way each day to better all the realms of my own wellness. Because that was the other thing I had let slip away… the understanding that just because I usually eat well and I move around a lot doesn’t mean that my full ‘wellness package’ if you will is feeling supported and nourished. Because let me tell you, it has not been.

I wanted to remind myself that wellness is an all encompassing state of being. You can be in shape and not be well. You can be wealthy and not be well. I wanted to work on being fully well.

I decided to choose seven areas of wellness that I would focus on for one week. One area each day and I wanted to especially find small and manageable ways to incorporate them into my daily routine because as previously stated, “Ya gurl ain’t got a lot of time.” But spending five minutes a day on bettering yourself is 100% better than spending none and so, my challenge began:)

~My Week of Well~

Monday- Mental

For Mental Monday, I decided to send a thank you note to a dear friend of mine whom I have not talked to in a very long time. I caught her up on my life, my new job, my current move. I thanked her for her friendship and asked how she was doing.

It took maybe 3 minutes tops, but the grin I felt on my face as I reminisced over our old inside jokes, late nights spent out and about, and our friendship during the hard times, it made a girl smile. At first, you may think, how is that supporting your mental health?

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”

From my experience, gratitude is the number one bearer of perspective and happiness and a thankful, cheerful, and positive mind sounds like a pretty great Mental Monday to me!


For Physical Tuesday, I wanted to try something a little more different than just telling you to go for a walk or do yoga! I decided to try to sit up straighter.

I constantly slouch, slump, and hunch throughout the day. Whether it be walking, sitting, I would bet I slouch in my sleep even! And what a negative vibration to send out into the Universe-that I am not confident enough to stand up straight and take up space!

I spent the entire day so much more aware of my posture, the message I was sending with it, how it made me feel more confident, sure, and supported by myself! I found that it even helped with my mood because it made me feel more aware and prepared to take on the day!

Stop hiding and start standing up for yourself, both metaphorically and physically!


“Education is power.” If you have something that is bothering you, whether that be anxiety, depression, insecurities, etc. learning more about it instead of running away or hiding from it will benefit you immensely!

For example, when I first started my eating disorder recovery, I didn’t want to read a single thing online about others dealing with the same thing. Why? Because it made it all so real. Your struggles are valid and pretending that they don’t exist will not make them go away. Instead, learn more about it. It sounds backward, but it’s true!

Find online support groups, read medical articles, instead of being fearful of your struggles, welcome them in with open arms.

I spent Emotional Wednesday taking some time to read more about anxiety. I read about different forms of it, how it can manifest, what are some coping mechanisms. Now, will this work for everyone? NO! If you find something triggering or if some advice online is not really what you are looking for do not try it!

However, I found that learning how others deal with it, reading stories from people who are being so vulnerable with their own struggles, made me feel so much less alone and also helped me make sense in my own mind around how I was feeling, ways I could try to work with it, and the understanding that it’s not crazy to feel anxious and I don’t have to hide it!


Social Thursday was spent in putting myself out there! It’s so easy for us to completely shut the world out and that includes other people living in it with us! I am for sure guilty of walking to work with my headphones in and my face scrolling through Instagram. I rarely say hello to strangers. If people say ‘hi’ it takes me a second to realize that wasn’t weird even though we do not know one another!

My point is: Try to not do that! Haha

Take Social Thursday and spend it unplugged and approachable. I made myself talk to the people next to me in line at the coffee shop or sitting beside me on the subway. It wasn’t nearly as weird as I thought it would be!

It allowed me to rekindle my social spirit and just be a person among other persons.

Say hello to your mailman and ask how his or her day is going. Thank the checkout lady when she hands you your cashback. Even spark conversation with your Uber driver instead of watching YouTube in the backseat.

You’ll be surprised how wonderful it feels to live in the moment, to speak people to people, and to realize that communication is such a gift that we are, for some odd reason, losing sight of very seriously and very quickly!


When I decided to focus on spiritual I wanted it to be in more of the Universe, hippie-dippie ways of thinking instead of religious. If you are religious and you want to take Friday to focus on your faith ABSOLUTLEY do it:)

I wanted to take Spiritual Friday to focus on my meaning; my ‘why.’

  • Why do I believe I was placed on this Earth?

  • Why do I think I have struggled with x,y,z?

  • Where do I see myself going?

  • What is my purpose?

  • Why do I wake up and go to bed each day?

I spent Friday really asking myself, “Why?” I wrote down the reasons I believed I was placed here, with the people I have interacted with, with my past and current situations, etc.

And I was honest with myself.

I wrote it all down, almost as if I was writing a letter to myself, explaining myself.

Trippy, right?;)

And then, I kept it in my drawer.

I kept it in my drawer for the days I feel like quitting, crying, screaming, and shaking. I kept it for the moments I question ‘Why me?’ Well, good news, I wrote the answers down already.

Take Friday to connect with your soul. To find your reason to shine. To reflect and put your life into perspective. To write down your reason answering your own question of ‘Why?’


Intellectual Saturday was easily one of the most fun days! I decided to paint.

I decided to paint because I LOVE being creative and never find enough time to do so! I decided to paint with no plan, no time limit, no rhyme or reason.

I wasn’t making it for someone specific or an occasion of some sort.

I was making something for me, by me, and most importantly for me;)

It was so fun! Being creative is an incredible way to strengthen and expand your intellectual wellness and there is no math involved! Find a way that makes you engage your noggin this Saturday! Read a new book, research something you find interesting, start a new hobby, you don’t have to sit down and do Sudoku for two hours to learn more and strengthen that brain of yours!

I decided to paint and I’m so glad that I did.


Finally, onto Financial Sunday! This one may not be as fun, but it was for sure a way for me to calm the stresses of money that sometimes scream my name! Learn more about investing.

Take some time to figure out small ways you can start putting money away now that will pay off exponentially later in your future. I don’t think you can ever start saving too early or need to be making a certain amount to make your savings count.

If you put away $20 each month starting right now, by the time you are 65 you will have saved over $10,000. That’s crazy!

Small, consistent financial moves are the key to financial wellness. I decided to open my own ROTH IRA on this Sunday. Each month I’m going to be putting $50 into it. And then forgetting about it! And over the years, it will compound and I will have saved a huge chunk of moolah without batting an eye about it! That’s what I like to call manageable financial wellness!

“Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, a supported spirit, and a tranquil soul. Notice that numbers were not mentioned anywhere.”

I wish you a week, month, year, and life of wellness, my loves.


xo Emily

Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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