• Emily Formea

Operation Organization

Spring is in the air and a mess is in my room! I don’t know about you, but whenever the weather gets nicer and the birds begin to sing, I tend to get extra busy and extra messy! There is something about wanting to go out and be with friends in the sunshine or the opportunity arises to listen to a live musician outside for hours on the weekend that makes spring/summer time the best time in my opinion! However, it can be very easy to begin to neglect your calendar, bedroom, and responsibilities when the seasons begin to change. Spring fever is a real thing and if you are like me, it causes me to become messy, unorganized, but oh so addicted to that sweet sunshine and breeze!

This spring I decided to do some spring organizing! I wanted to have a fresh, clean, and orderly space to call all my own. So, I decided to compile a list of tips that helped me accomplish my spring cleanliness and also helped make room in my closet for the cute summer clothes just waiting to be purchased. ;)

#1. If you don’t use it now, you ain’t gonna be missing it later!

I know a lot of people find it very daunting to donate clothes or get rid of old knick-knacks. It can bring up a sort of nervousness especially if you are someone that holds a lot of sentimental value to items or clothes! I have always had the opposite problem. I am a minimalist, sometimes to a fault. I tend to get rid of stuff with the bat of an eye because I cannot stand clutter in my space! My tip to both of us, whether you can’t seem to let that old sweater go or you are like me where once you haven’t worn a shirt in a week it goes straight to Goodwill, is to pack a donation bag, but wait on donating it.

At the beginning of May, I went through my room and packed any clothes, shoes, novelties, objects, old notebooks, etc. that I believed I could easily donate and never miss. But, I kept the garbage bag under my bed for a week. Two weeks later, I realized that, yes, I had not missed anything in that bag. So, I could donate it! This little tip will help you differentiate between emotional attachment to objects and the actual use you have for them. If you pack a donation bag and a week later you want to wear that sweater you had put it in, take out the sweater and keep that! You have a use for it! But, if you don’t miss or touch the rest of the donation bag, then after a couple weeks, it is pretty safe to say that that stuff should find a new home where it can be more useful to someone else. Donation center it goes!

Okay, so you have cleared your space of the things that do not need to be taking up space in your life! Once, the clearing out process has occurred, we can move into the organizing phase of spring cleaning!

#2. Divide your space to best match your life.

What helps me keep my space clean and organized is evaluating the key categories of my life. For example, my room serves as a sleeping spot, office space, yoga/workout area, and a closet. By taking an inventory of the uses of my room, I can better organize the different spaces geared towards their different purposes. This tip helps with organization, but also with productivity.

I keep all of my workout gear, equipment, and bag in one corner. I never leave my bag on my bed or hung up in my closet. It may sound very OCD at first, but I assure you that when you create habits of putting things where they belong, it eventually becomes second nature and will help you keep your space organized even on your busiest of summer-loving days! This tip also helps with the idea of “out of sight, out of mind.” If you want to workout more, then keep your workout gear out where you can see it! It is going to be a constant reminder that you want to workout or do yoga more often! I never roll up my yoga mat because it is a constant reminder that I want to dedicate more of my time to my practice. When organizing your room, leave the important things out and put away the rest! My desk has all of my important work reminders or mail that I need to answer! I don’t keep old receipts, magazine, or books all over my work area. Keep your spaces tidy and dedicated to that area of your life. It will be a huge sigh of relief when you start to utilize your space to match your lifestyle and not the tornado that it can easily become!

#3. Go Digital

Paper is so wasteful in today’s society! Not to mention it takes up a ton of space and can easily make any desk or table cluttered and unorganized! When it comes to books, receipts, to-do lists, even important documents, digital is the key to clearing up drawers and organizing! I use the app “Scanner Pro” and I highly recommend you check it out! It helps me scan important documents that I don’t really need the physical copy of! I scan my bank statements, contracts, orders, etc. and keep them stored on Google Photos. I can then organize them into Folders and Categories and I can shred that physical copy straight to the recycling! I also do not use a checkbook. I use the app “Buddy.” It helps me keep track of my expenses right on my phone! No need to have a bunch of paper lying around! For me, that causes me to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what’s important or what needs my attention when I just have piles of stuff in my line of sight that I really don’t need to be there! Books are also so much cheaper if purchased as digital copies! Most libraries now even have online catalogs where you can rent virtual books straight through your phone! This is my favorite way to read is by having a virtual library card. It saves me money, the planet paper, and my room from becoming the fully-stocked library that it could easily turn into!

#4. Calendar, Calendar, Calendar

If I don’t write something down, I will not be there. If I don’t set a reminder, I will not remember. And if I don’t set an alarm, your girl will not wake up! These are things I know about myself, so how I help my mental state when it comes to organizing a busy schedule is by making sure I write everything down right in my calendar. I use Google Calendar because it is so much easier to make changes! I have tried hand-written agendas and calendars before and it would stress me out when plans would change or if I didn’t have enough room on my calendar that day! Instead, I opt for a virtual calendar because it is accessible everywhere, super easy to update or alter plans, and it has a few cool features, as well! I make everything color-coated in my calendar. I plan my workouts for the week, social events, work time, etc. and each category of importance has a color. This is a great visual way to see where most of your energy is going to for that week and also a great way to easily find what you are looking for! Another great tool that Google Calendar has is the ability to differentiate between an event and a reminder. You can set reminders to yourself for small tasks that you are worried about forgetting! For example, I set reminders like “Take out the trash tonight” or “Pay Sam back for dinner.” This way everything I need to do, everywhere I need to be is all in one place!

The final tool I love about virtual calendar organization is the ability to have repeating events! For me, I have a Student Loan payment (RIP!) every month on the 26th. I can set the reminder and have it automatically generate to repeat monthly! Done and done. I don’t have to keep writing it down, stressing that I will forget, or running the risk of losing/damaging my printed Calendar when my entire life is at my fingertips!

#5. Sunday can be a Funday to Organize

My final tip is to make one day a week your reset day! This tip applies to your health and self-love routine, as well! I like to take either Saturday or Sunday morning, depending on my schedule, and really reset my space and mind! I do my laundry, I clean my room, I organize my desk, I check my Calendar for the upcoming week, I try to prepare my physical space to have a successful week ahead of me! I also make sure to take some down time! I read, do a facial, or reconnect with an old friend. Reset days are so important because you are taking advantage to refocus your energy while you can because like I said, spring is in the air, lovelies, and it is about to be a busy and beautiful summer for all of us, I just know it!:)



Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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