• Emily Formea

'Photo a Day' Challenge

This blog post’s going to be shorter than my normal ones and that’s because for once in my life ;) I’ve got a short and sweet message and of course, a nice challenge to leave you with, my loves! This past week, I challenged myself to snap a photo of me once a day for 5 days straight; a photo a day during the typical work week:) Now, this sounds sort of vain and overall ridiculously millennial, but I promise you there was a meaning behind my madness! I, like most of us I would argue, only post photos where I think I look good. I’ve got my makeup done. I’ve got a beautiful background. I feel attractive. I pose on days that my acne is less noticeable. I put on clothes that are aesthetic. I do my hair. My point is…. I wanted to make myself take photos on the days where I felt bloated. I wanted to post the photo where my hair is in a frizzy bun, I’ve removed my makeup from that day, I have my bug glasses on and acne medicine on my chin, and my message, my meaning, my value was the exact same in these photos… that was my goal for myself and my goal for you.

I wanted to post a little bit more of my reality:) Now, some of them, I had to brighten or crop, but for the most part, I really tried to keep them well…. Real.

I didn’t intentionally put makeup on my eyeballs or even in some cases, put a bra on hahaha

I wanted to showcase what I look like day in and day out and the craziest part… I was so terrified to do so!

We all strive for aesthetic. That’s literally the algorithm of Instagram and I'll be the first to say, I like it! I LOVE looking at gorgeous, edited photos. I’ve always loved being creative and expressive and I think it’s so beautiful how people can pose, post, and twirl, but of course, it can be a slippery slope.

I fell down the rabbit hole also! I would retake photos where my hips looked weird, my teeth were not shining white, or my shoulders looked wide… or so I thought! I would retake photos where I felt like my face looked chubby or that my hair looked greasy… or so, I thought it all did! Do you see the pattern here? We beat ourselves up over our looks constantly without even realizing it and forget that the message behind our posts matters so much more than the angle of the Sun in our selfie.

I challenge you to value yourself more than what you look like.

I preach a lot on my blog and social posts about how the way you treat yourself, the respect you have for you, the love you shine on yourself is exactly the sort of wave that will crash right back on you.

I want people to value what I have to say, think, accomplish even, laugh about, create, dream of and be inspired by way more than the lighting of my Tuesday Instagram post.

“Treat yourself the way you expect others to treat you! People take the cue of your own self-worth from non-other than… you.”

Just don’t do what I did.

~Don’t think you cannot post without eyeliner.

~Don’t believe you aren’t worth the likes on the days your tummy is feeling a little fuller than normal.

~Don’t expect others to value you for more than you value yourself for.

Because guess what? This challenge taught me that it is just a freaking photo. It is a simple image that means absolutely nothing. It carries no weight in the world of the person I am or the importance I possess.

And the same reigns true for you. I challenge you to take a photo of yourself every day for a week and post them. I challenge you to not judge the image your screen captures. I judge for you to do it randomly and without being planned.

I challenge you to capture your real life; your real beauty; and your real value, which can be found in simply the person you are with the smile you possess, the brain you think with and the heart you love with.

And now, for my cute little look-book of wonder:) 5 Days of making myself take a photo of me. Whether I felt blah or amazing, I snapped the shot.

Why? Because I matter the exact same amount in each of these photos, on each of these days and the same reigns true for you.


Xo Emily

Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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