• Emily Formea

Protect Your Energy

Your energy.

You have a certain amount of energy.

You have a certain vibration.

You are a wavelength that no one else can match.

Don’t waste it.

Today, we waste so much energy on things that do not serve us. We waste so much energy on things that just don’t matter. I cannot tell you how often I have stressed, ranted, and worried about someone’s opinion about me. How often I have spent time fretting over if people would like my Instagram post or if my outfit looked good on me that day. I have wasted precious energy being concerned about the judgment of others or being beside myself with the envy of someone else in my life.

We waste so much energy.

I have spent many nights tossing and turning, thinking and analyzing my prior day.

The biggest way I have wasted my vibration…worrying.

I worry a lot.

I worry about the future.

I worry about the past.

I worry about my health, happiness, family, and friends of my future self.

I worry about taxes.

I worry about the weather.

I worry about dinner next Friday.

I worry a lot. I care about worrying a lot.

But, does worrying care about me?

The answer is no.

Worrying is a waste of energy.

It is a waste of my time.

It drains me of my present self.

I worry and then I let the present pass me by.

Because I am tired.

Because I have wasted so much of myself that day or that night.

Worrying does not change anything.

Worrying does not help anything.

It wastes my wavelength.

Wavelengths, energy, emotion, and time that I will never get back.

Do not waste your energy.

Conserve your energy for things that matter.

Things that matter to you.

Spend your energy on hobbies, passions, work, and adventures.

Spend your energy on kindness and growth rather than doubt and dread.

Conserve your energy for sports, sunshine, and coffee dates.

Not on followers.

Not on fashion.

Not on fears.

Start right now!

When you notice something that wastes your energy. Rid yourself of it.

It can be a person, though, event, or emotion.

Rid yourself of it.

Conserve your energy and you will begin to conserve your possibilities.

You will find yourself happier, calmer, more fulfilled when you consolidate your energy to things that serve you.

Your energy is a precious thing.

You are a precious thing.

Do not waste your gift; do not sparingly give away your energy.

Your energy has a job; it has a purpose.

It is to change the world, bring joy to yourself and others, find your calling in life, climb that mountain.

Your energy is to do good and to do a lot of it.

Your energy is to care about things that care about you.

Your energy is a gift.

You are a gift.

Congratulations, you have an incredible energy.

Now go and do incredible things with it!



Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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