• Emily Formea

The Truth Behind Your Envy & Jealousy and How to Leave those Insecurities Behind!

The truth behind our envy and jealousy can easily be explained in a pie.

We all love pie.

Let’s start with that.



However, what happens when a pie is sliced into eight even, delicious looking pieces, but there are nine of us at the dinner table? Who doesn’t get a piece of the pie?

Instantly each person at that dinner table is thinking to themselves, “It’s going to be me.

I want some pie. I refuse to be left out.”

We begin to see this situation as a survival tactic.

Laugh, but it’s true.

We do mental math. Okay, where do I stand to get some of it first? If I offer to cut and serve it does that help or hinder my likelihood to enjoy some? If she has some and I never get a piece, what does that mean? I feel animosity towards her and her slice of pie. This is how we view the world.

We view the world like an evenly sliced pie.

If this person has a lot of money that means there is less money that I could possibly obtain. If this gentlemen has an incredibly successful career that means there are less incredibly successful careers waiting for me.

We see the world as an even sliced pie and a never changing or growing one.

When we see people who are getting married, we feel envy towards them because that means that there are less people in the world for me to marry.

Once again sounds crazy, but it’s true.

We live in a scarcity mindset.

We believe there is only so much good in the world. There is only so much good fortune, wealth, health, success, happiness, and so if someone else is enjoying all of these things that means we have less of a chance to do the same.

So, we get jealous.

We get envious of one another. We compare ourselves to other people and believe that if they have then I do not.

If they have pie that means there is a lesser chance for me to have a sweet slice.

When in reality, the pie is ever-growing. The Universe is ever expanding. There’s more wealth, happiness, health, accomplishments, prosperity, and abundance flooding the veins of this Earth than we could ever even wrap our heads around.

The pie never runs out. It only runs out when you limit yourself to believe so.

When you live your life with a bad taste in your mouth talking of other people’s successes; when you pretend to be happy for people who are truly happy; when you fear having no pie more than fearing to ever actually eat it.

We want so many things in our lives out of scarcity.

I have a story for you.

Recently, I was watching a kid on YouTube do makeup tutorials. When I say kid, she was probably thirteen years old. She did an amazing job and she loved what she was doing, you could tell! She had a HUGE following! And I was sure she easily made $10,000 a month or more off her YouTube videos. I began to feel envious of her. I wanted to make that much money. I wanted to have this easy job of filming myself and posting it online. If she was doing this, I wanted to do it, as well.

Fun fact, I hate makeup.

I forgot to mention that.

I hate makeup. I don’t find it fun. I don’t find it exciting. I’m not into it.

I was jealous of this girl for things I didn’t even want.

Why? Because scarcity mindset, baby.

I thought, “Oh, this is the way you make a lot of money, so I need to mimic this.” “I’ll never make money doing something I actually want to do or like doing.”

“If I don’t steal a piece of this pie, the pie will run out.” The pie never runs out.

I saw her as the symbol for wealth. I wanted wealth. Let me tell you that’s not a bad thing. Wanting money is not a bad thing. What is a bad thing is when you envy those that have it and try to mimic the way they got it out of fear, out of disbelief, out of desperation.

Envy and jealousy stem from disbelieving in your own abundance.

They come from you believing that the way you are now with the things you love to do and the dreams you hold are invalid.

But, when you believe in your own abundance you know there is plenty of prosperity for everyone… for you and I.

There is plenty of good in this world. We are not in competition to get it. And when you start to realize that you already have all that you need to prosper; you already have all that you need to thrive; you actually already have your piece of pie and there is only the more servings to come, you will realize that envy and jealousy do not serve you.

  • Be happy for others.

  • Be happy for yourself.

  • Be happy for the future you.

  • Because she, he, they or them is great.

  • They are bold.

  • You are enough.

  • And the Universe does not work on scarcity, but the world thrives off of it.

Listen to the Universe, not the world, my sweet souls.


XO Emily

Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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