• Emily Formea

You are Worth the Time

If you haven’t picked up on my personality type yet… I am an all-or-nothing type to the tee!

I used to always believe that true self-care had to be all day long or none whatsoever! What I mean by this is I either did nothing for myself or I took an entire day to just read with my facemask on and sip tea.

Which don’t get me wrong, these days were fantastic!

But what happens when you can’t dedicate full days to self-care?

Should you just not do things for yourself when you are busy or stressed especially during the holiday season?


After graduating college and now having a full-time job, hobbies, friends, and adventures it can be very overwhelming to try to schedule time for yourself every day or sometimes even once a week!

It has taken me some time to find the balance between caring for others and caring for myself, however, this is one of the most vital balances you need in your life. You cannot do things for others before doing things for yourself. The more you put your mental, physical, and emotional health aside, the harder your days and holiday season especially can and will become.

So, don’t let yourself push your self-care habits to the curb when you feel like you don’t even have time to breathe! These are the times in life when you need self-care the most! Here are my tips and tricks to hopefully help you find time to shower yourself in love and care even when you have five minutes before the Metro leaves!

Tip #1: Be Selfish

If you don’t want to go out Friday night, no matter how badly your roommates, friends, or family beg you to go out… don’t.

Take some time to be alone if you need that! It is totally alright to stay in on a weekend night! Especially if you have been neglecting yourself and your self-care all week! If you need or want a night to yourself then you deserve to enjoy that night! Never let others make you feel bad about putting your health first especially if you haven’t been doing so a lot lately!

Tip #2: Buy that Facemask

Dedicate one night a week to light a candle, do a face mask, drink some tea, and just relax! Sometimes self-care is really just us needing some quiet and alone time! We are constantly surrounded by other people, noises, problems, etc. and it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and neglect our true emotions or feelings!

If you have a hectic week then take a calming night to unwind and reconnect with yourself! Remind yourself that you care about you and that you are willing to respect yourself enough to take time to spend alone with yourself! Self-care is taking small acts to show yourself that you care about you. Put that facemask on and unwind. This is such an easy step, but can have a huge impact on your mental and emotional health!

Tip #3: Be Healthy… Most of the Time

Treats are amazing! And absolutely enjoy them! But self-care also arises from taking care of yourself in all aspects of your life: emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental.

The physical can sometimes be one of the easiest to fix because it is something you can really schedule and commit too! It also helps deal with anxiety, stress, sleep, etc!

Make time to be active during your week and make it fun!

Exercise, even just walking around, is so beneficial to self-care because it is another example of you taking time to put yourself first!

Eat well, drink lots of water, and move your body!

Fuel your body with fruits, vegetables, micronutrients of all varieties!

Self-care begins with self-respect and self-respect begins with taking care of your body and mind inside and out!

Tip #4: Don’t Cover Up

If you are feeling overwhelmed, experience it.

If you are feeling tired, do something about it.

Do not keep shoving your emotions or struggles lower and lower into your soul.

If you feel sad, talk to a friend.

If you feel confused or lost, reconnect with yourself.

This is something that you can do every day! Take 5-10 minutes to journal about how you are truly feeling! When you are honest with yourself and others, you can only improve your self-care and self-love! You have to fix the roots to blossom like a flower!

Don’t cover up your emotions! Allow yourself to feel sad, happy, excited, exhausted, and understand that this is an example of honoring yourself no matter what!

Tip #5: Turn It OFF

I started turning my phone off every night around 8:00 pm.

Actually off!

Work hard, exercise hard, and relax harder.

Once you are home, in your pajamas, you should not be working! Unplug and unwind! A simple tip is to dedicate the last 30 minutes before you fall asleep to no phone, no social media, no laptop, simply read a book, talk to a loved one, color a picture, doodle, do anything that you thoroughly enjoy without technology!

It is so easy for us to lose sight of ourselves and constantly be ‘working!’ Everyone needs time off! Leave work at work! Leave social media online sometimes! Take some time to be present and calm before going to sleep!

Tip #6: Yoga, yoga, yoga!

Do yoga.




This can be 5 minutes every morning, afternoon, or evening!

Take 5 minutes to stretch your body, relax your mind, connect to your breathing, and center yourself.

When you are stressed you don’t breathe deeply. We tend to tighten our bodies. We tend to take short, sporadic breaths and this does not help whatsoever! Really focus on breathing! It is such a simple self-care habit! Take time to refocus your breath and to help your body and mind manage stress in a more positive way!

Finally, always be your number one supporter.

Every single day have positive thoughts about yourself.

Hype yourself up.

If you don’t take care of yourself… no one will.

Be your own cheerleader.

Take time to really invest in yourself.

You deserve it.

Love yourself unconditionally and you will then begin to treat yourself that way!

Self-care starts from within.

Change your mind to then change your world.



Sincerely, XO Emily || 2020

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